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Imagination & Discovery

Your child uses information gained from her senses to learn about the world. Sifting sand, splashing in water, and finger painting help her develop her senses and make new discoveries. All of her senses are present at birth but will continue to mature as she grows and plays. Offer lots of opportunities to explore, try new things, get messy, and just have fun.


  • Offers opportunities to explore and try new things
  • Creates an opportunity for play pretend
  • Teaches the idea of cause and effect
  • Helps to develop eye-hand coordination
  • Improves small and big motor skills

  • Featured “How To” Imagination Videos

    Video 1 Displayed: Fabulous Fizz
    Video 2: Sink, Float, Dissolve
    Video 3: Colored Rice 
    Video 4: Making Fingerpaint

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