Saying NO On the Move Repetition Messy Play

Why didn’t anyone tell me that one year olds need to be on the move to learn?

A one-year old experiences the world with his whole body. They are natural born explorers and use all their senses to learn. Keeping up with toddlers is not easy!

During this year your baby will learn to walk. With this new skill comes a burst of independence and a desire for exploration and learning about the world. The need to be on the move and sudden burst of independence may result in temper tantrums and power struggles. Your child may become consumed with the need to practice his new skill.

Through exploration, your child is trying to test out ideas and construct meaning and understanding of their world. Through play and movement, your child learns new skills and gains balance, muscle control and coordination. These are the building blocks for skills they will need as they grow.

How can you help?

  • Encourage you child to be active explorers while creating a safe environment for them. Does your child love to climb? Take him to a park regularly and give him a safe place to climb at home. Teach him how to carefully navigate up and down stairs.
  • Safety will be a key concern for the next several years. Try and keep your house clear of breakable or unsafe objects; not just for your child’s sake, but for your sanity too! While it may be possible to teach a toddler that certain items are off limits, you will spend a lot of time and energy intervening.
  • This is a great time to choose what issues are really important for you to correct. Reducing the amount of time you have to say no or intervene will make both your day, and your child’s, much more enjoyable.
  • Be firm in situations where safety is concerned. Letting your child know “We hold hands while we cross the street” and holding on firmly lets him know you are serious.

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