Saying NO On the Move Repetition Messy Play

Why didn’t anyone tell me that “messy” play is so important to my toddler’s development?

“Messy” play is just that … it is messy! It takes a lot of time, energy and patience to let young children be messy and engage in messy play, but did you know that messy play will help prepare your child for success in school? To learn how, keep reading!
  • Messy play such as water-play, touching and building with sand, mud, finger paints and clay helps to build strong little fingers and hands. Children with strong hand and finger muscles can hold a crayon, marker or pencil correctly. When a child can hold a crayon correctly, they are then able to draw pictures … eventually leading to writing of letters and numbers. Therefore, consistent practice of messy play actually leads to success in school!
  • In addition to writing, messy play helps young children pay attention, control their impulses, and focus their attention on tasks from start to finish. These early skills support school success.

  • For Ideas for Messy Play Click Here!
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